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Velika Beach, ambience
Velika Beach, ambience
With its dozen or so houses Saplunara on Mljet Island's eastern tip is a small village. The bays here (Velika and Mala Saplunara) - and the village itself, too - gained their name from the Latin word "sabalum". Sabalum means fine sand - and (surprise!) the bays in Saplunara are sandy.

Saplunara attracts its visitors with three sandy, one sandy-gravel and one rocky with concrete slabs beaches. Starting from the village the outermost beach is the one in Blace Bay, also known as Limuni Bay. Getting there takes some efforts, as the asphalt road ends after Mala Saplunara Bay and it's a macadam road that goes to the bay - a protected area of nature. Blace is a lagoon-like bay with an almost 1 km long sandy coastline. The eastern side of the bay is popular with naturists.

A less distant beach can be found in Mala Saplunara Bay on the eastern side of Velika Saplunara Bay. This 70-80 m long beach is a sandy one, too, and situated about 700-800 meters away from the village - this beach is accessible on asphalt road. Saplunara's most popular beach is Velika Saplunara, a sandy strip right below the eastern end of the village. Thanks to its length of 200 meters Velika Beach is not overcrowded even in the highest season.

There is a tiny beach in the NW corner of the bay, as well: Potkućica is partly gravel with a short sandy section. It's best used for short visits to the sea, like taking a quick swim. The coast in Saplunara's NE part is rocky, however, to ease entering and leaving the sea, parts of it have been covered with concrete. The beach here is called Podškoji.

There are no bars on Blace-Limuni Beach (natural reserve), Mala Beach has a beach bar. One can get drinks on Velika Beach and there is also a snack bar above Velika.

Being a small village, Saplunara doesn't have any hotels - instead, almost all the villas and apartments here are available for rent. Some of the larger villas even have their own restaurants: Stermasi, Mirosa on the northern side and Kod Ante in the village itself. The most essential things can be bought locally in the tiny Hansal grocery, for the nearest supermarket between Sobra and Babino Polje one would drive 20 km.

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The sandy beach of Mala Saplunara Bay
The sandy beach of Mala Saplunara Bay

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